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beachwalking Back in June, I told you about my odyssey finding some workable and reliable walking boots. I ended up buying Scarpa Mistral GTX, and fell in love immediately.

I also own a pair of walking shoes for more light-weight, day-in day-out walking. I use them almost every day, but my current pair of Brasher only just gave their money’s worth: the sole is already falling apart, the cap and other parts of the surface are breaking up. While they are still usable, the end of their life is near and foreseeable.

This time, I went straight in for Scarpa, didn’t even look at the alternatives, and bought a pair of Scarpa Meridian GTX. (Why the GTX? Don’t ask for the sense in marketing…) Although I only walked them for less than 2 miles so far, I am already in love – it is now a love triangle between the boots, the shoes and myself.

Oh, and the laptop, the tablet PC, the Le Creuset frying pan, the Neff ovens, oh, and the wife. That’s a different story though.

Seriously, these shoes are a perfect fit, and look and feel like they would be up for the job. Time will show.


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  1. Ich war schon am (ver)zweifeln an dir, da ist dir zum Glück doch noch deine Frau eingefallen. Uff.