D.I.Y. Dinner Party

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DSC_0108Following a quite significant cooking effort on Christmas Day, we though how nice it would be if our New Year’s Eve party guests would do the cooking themselves: Fondue!

We started off with a little welcome of the traditional devilled eggs and a sample of the fresh bread with a spicy feta cheese spread, and helped to get us into the spirit with a glass of cava.

Then, the oxtail soup. A concentrate of oxtail consommé, really. You know. The type that glues your lips together. One of my favourites, and it is always very popular with the guests, too.

For the fondue, we had beef and pork fillet, and large Tiger prawns. For accompaniment, I made a mustard sauce, aioli, a ginger and carrot pickle, a cauliflower pickle inspired by piccalilli, a red-onion marmalade with apples and oranges, grilled mushrooms with goats cheese and sweet little roasted peppers stuffed with a spicy feta cheese and dill spread  (shown here). The remainder of the feta spread was served when welcoming our guests. Green salad and fresh sourdough bread was offered throughout.

We finished the old year with a fresh vanilla ice cream and hot caramelized apples.

All in all, a pretty good way to say good bye to a pretty violent and turbulent year.

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