This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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404533_10150616991189629_510874628_8755423_179769866_nAh, not a bad effort this week:

Pork loin medallions, served with freshly made egg fettuccine and a mustard and white wine reduction. Just a good excuse for getting the pasta maker out of the cupboard.

Fresh tomato soup with poached egg, spiced yogurt and fresh sourdough bread. Not terribly exciting when made with winter tomatoes, but gave a promise of summer.

Grilled feta cheese with chorizo, tomatoes, onions and jalapeno peppers. Just another excuse to eat more of our own sourdough bread, which pleases us tremendously these days.

Calves liver, complete with caramelised apples, potato mash and gravy.

Oh, and this: a five course Italian meal. Begins with a welcome of a shot of tomato essence, served with fresh focaccia and a sample of salami and other meat produce. Then, a bread soup (will post the recipe soon), followed by three types of fresh ravioli (spinach and pine nuts, goats cheese and mushroom, and egg yolk) topped with a sage butter. This was followed by a sous vide cooked and pan-seared butterflied quail, served with fried cabbages and a fondant potato. To conclude, a Lemon Tarte and a Cream of Zabaglione ice cream.
All was lovely and much praised, but I will admit that this menu was a bit of a palaver to prepare, more than usual even by my standards. Worth it though.

(With thanks to Jane for the photo. Her complete gallery from the evening is online. Click!)


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