This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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DSC_0448This week, I’ve been mostly eating quick things, and even a Chinese take-away meal, the first in years. Sometimes there’s just too much else to do. But, a quickie meal doesn’t have to be a bad meal, does it?

A side of Salmon, steamed with fennel shavings and dill, served with Basmati rice, and followed by four mini Black Forest gateaux. OK, the gateaux don’t count in with the “quick meal” theme.

Chicken Fricassee, made from chicken left-over from the bread soup, and from rice left over from the Salmon meal on the previous day. Nice, in a white sauce with wine and capers.

A succulent roast shoulder of pork, served with fondant potatoes, fried kidney beans and caramelized pineapple.

Fresh quiche Lorraine, served with seared duck breast, slices of fried black pudding and lambs lettuce, followed by a lovely apple Tarte Tatin – and by that, I mean the real thing, not the popular puff-pastry nonsense, not the over-caramelized brown affair so common. Just look at it! It tastes every bit and every bite as good as the picture looks.

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