This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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DSCF8640This week, I’ve been mostly eating a meat, it seems:

A slow-roasted sage-infused shoulder of pork, served with nutty mushroom rice.

A good old Sirloin of beef, with green beans, roasted Elfe potatoes, herbal butter and green salad.

And a little more effort for Saturday:
An amuse bouche consisting of a shot of essence of tomato, accompanied by a bite of fresh sourdough bread, topped with creamy butter, basil pesto and balsamic vinegar.
A starter consisting of a single small crepe, filled with roasted mushrooms and a dill-infused fresh cheese,
A main course of a seared filet of Venison, served with Pommes Dauphinoise, a stir-fry of fennel, fresh artichokes and oranges, and a saffron foam,
and finally a good old but very nutty Rhubarb Crumble with delicious Vanilla custard.


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