This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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Athens-Acropolis…this week, I’ve been mostly eating lunches with friends from work, and hotel room cuisine.

The lunches are actually great; there’s an abundance of places in the area, offering complete lunches, often for less than $10. Cambodian, Vietnamese, Tex-Mex, Thai (and Thai, and Thai again), some American diner-style places, Indian, you name it, and it is within minutes’ driving. So, lunches in Silicon Valley are great. Hotel room cuisine mostly features variations of salads with greens, poached eggs, ham, cheese, tomato – always nice, and I particularly enjoy the lighter option, given that we eat out for lunch every day.

Here are two highlights that stand out from the rest of this past week’s meals:

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls with a satay sauce, followed by slow-roasted Duck with sticky rice and salad, crowned with an American classic: pineapple upside-down cake. Thanks, Linda!

We also went to dine at Dio Deka in Los Gatos, which appears to have gotten its first Michelin star last year. I have never had Greek food as delicious, and as appealingly presented, as this. Bravo!

My friend had the most beautiful Spanakotiropita, a variation of the classic Greek spinach tarte, for starters: little crispy filo pastry cones, filled with feta cheese, goats cheese and nuts, served on top of baby spinach. For myself, I couldn’t resist the Glykadakia, “chicken fried” lamb sweetbreads with a spicy breadcrumb, jalapeno pepper and lemon zest crust, served with a spicy feta dip. I couldn’t determine what “chicken fried” meant, but they were delicious.

For the main course, my friend enjoyed a stunning and delicious portion of Solomos, a wafer-thin slice of Ouzo-cured wild salmon, dressed with a spring garden made from fresh beans, radishes, wild fennel, and creme fraiche. I ate the most delicious portion of baby Kalamari that I ever tasted – not coated in batter, but touched with a hint of batter just enough to crisp the squid, and served with a delicious salsa maro, pickled ramps, sea beans and fava beans. I could only work out some of those ingredients, but I shall be trying. This was really delicious.

Washed down with a Sauvignon Blanc, and no room left for puddings.

I can’t recall having dined at a Michelin starred restaurant before. The last time we were at Dio Deka, a few years back, it wasn’t half as good and twice as arrogant. A superb move through and through, and I surely plan to come back.

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