This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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2011-04-02 007This week, I’ve been mostly eating meals that remind me on summer:

An extra-crisp Pizza Margarita, with fresh (blushed) tomatoes and lots of fresh Basil. The base was exceptionally good, and shows that there is room for improvement even in the 30th year. I shall not give up experimenting, make exception the norm.

Sea Bass “Faja Grande:” the friendly Hanwell fish monger sold me three fresh medium-sized Sea Bass, expertly and thoroughly cleaned within minutes, for £5, how cool is that? I steamed the fish over a little white whine and water, infused with celeriac and fennel seeds, and served with steamed potatoes, green salad, and a tangy salsa from onions, coriander green and tomatoes.

Tomato soup, served in a freshly baked bread bowl. A colourful garden salad, enriched with slices of a seared duck breast and a poached egg (today’s photo shows a similar but different salad). Fresh Golden Mango sorbet and strawberry ice cream. Strawberries struggle for aroma this year, but the Mangos are as perfect as ever. Yes, it’s Golden Mango season! Go and get some if you can (look for a Afghani or Pakistani Greengrocers’); they’re only on for another two weeks or so. (Neighbours got a sample and were over the moon for both flavours, so the strawberry must have been all right after all.)

Spaghetti Pesto. Ultra quick, ultra easy, ultra delicious, especially since I made a large tub of pesto a few days earlier, so its really just a matter of cooking the pasta, tossing with the pesto and enjoying. It’s fantastic fast food so long as you don’t plan on socialising afterwards. Or with very good friends only, or people who shared your table and meal. Preferably both.


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