This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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noodleSoupThis week, I’ve been mostly eating my favourite dishes. Not all of them, but some:

A vegetable soup with Swiss chard, spring onions and celery from the garden, fresh peas, carrots and potatoes from the shop, with grilled belly of pork (and a thorough cleaning of the oven afterwards).

A battered and shallow-fried file of Coley, with lambs lettuce and German-style potato salad (that is, not the Mayonnaise but the bacon, onion and stock version).

A lovely organic Sirloin steak with Sauce Béarnaise, chip potatoes and salad.

Potato fritters with apple compote. The apples aren’t exactly in season, but I bought some on the market which were not nice to eat at all. As it turned out, they did a good job in the form of compote, so all was well in the end.

A juicy roasted shoulder of pork, served with mushroom butter rice and red radish salad. Every component would suit me just fine, but all three together really is a treat for me.

Finally, the Cambodian-style noodle soup (shown here in a lovely Japanese bowl from a china stall in London’s Camden Lock Market), and commented on earlier.

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