This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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DSC_0751This week, I’ve been mostly eating squid. Grilled squid, some times with Djuvec rice, some times with the standard fare of overcooked potatoes and chard, sometimes just with salad and bread. Alternatively, we’ve been eating grilled fish (mostly Mackerel or Bream) or a mixed fish platter for two, which typically consists of all the above.

Even though little, if anything, will be a local catch in the Adriatic, somehow the fish is better, fresher, more delicious than anything we can prepare at home, but I shall certainly make an effort and try my best.

None of the meals we enjoyed during 14 days of travelling was outstanding in the fine cuisine sort-of-way, all was pretty much standard home cooking fare at varying levels of pricing. However, almost all the meals we had were simple, straight-forward and delicious.

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