This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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DSC_0311This week, I’ve been mostly eating back from holidays food:

A quick Fettuccine Carbonara with fresh peas. Nice, quick and easy.

A sirloin steak fried in rosemary oil, served with mushrooms, garlic butter and chipped potatoes, followed by Pudim Flan. A household favourite, a special request from the Missus, and a nice change from all the lovely fish in Croatia.

A Croatian meal: Octopus salad, Dalmatian ham and cheese. Charcoal-grilled squid, mackerels and sea breams, all served with fresh bread and Djuvec rice. A Nectarine mini-cheesecake with an essence of prickly pear. I never worked an octopus before (and given the hassle to take its skin off, I’m not sure when I will again). I never actually grilled whole fish before (and given the delicious smoky flavour, I am very sure I will again soon). I never worked with prickly pear before (and thought it worth the effort, but need to process more than just three pears next time to increase the yield by the time spend). A lot of genuine first-time things in this meal, and it worked reasonably well. Nice.

Chicken Catalan (chicken thighs, roasted on chorizo, lemon and thyme until the meat is tender and the skin is ultra-crisp), served with Ratatouille and thyme-flavoured baby potatoes, followed by a lemon-and-thyme cheesecake with a red summer fruit sauce (pudding courtesy of Simon).


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