A Mini-Cutie

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DSC_1564Life is sad and lonely with only one Guinea pig, both for a Guinea pig and a human. Come and meet the youngest and cutest member of the family: he-who-has-yet-to-be-named, approximately 8 weeks old. A coffee and toffee coloured British shorthair. However, the great grandmother must have had a fling with an Abyssinian one, as he’s got a few rosettes over his back.

He’s staying in hiding right now, and has yet to meet and become friends with Castor. We’ll take it one step at a time though; the little one has to relax a little first, get used to me, and will then be gradually introduced to Castor and the outdoors life, some time next week.

As to the name, the race is still on, and you’re welcome to contribute your suggestions. Given that Castor is still with us, I though Sugar would be suitable (as in Caster Sugar), or General (as in General Custer). I’m leaning towards General, considering that the little one is bound to be lower in the pecking order, but suggestions are most welcome.

Edit: the neighbour, also German, suggests P. Rauxel. Not bad, Herr Kern!

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2 thoughts on “A Mini-Cutie

  1. Er ist allerliebst, und schon ein bissel zutraulich. 120g (geschaetzt) und winzig. Bis Montag oder Dienstag bleibt er erst mal bei mir, am Mittwoch (falls es nicht regnet) werde ich die beiden mal zusammenbringen – zunaechst mal unter Aufsicht und fuer kurze Zeit.
    Castor ist ja ganz sicher staerker als der kleine General, die Frage ist eigentlich nur, ob Cator *zu stark* ist. Na ja, wir werden es sehen.

  2. Och ist der süß, gottseidank sind es wieder zwei. Wenn er sich nicht mit Castor verträgt, kannst du ihn ja Cheyenne, Crazy Horse oder Sitting Bull nennen.

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