This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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DSC_1555This is the first real This Week… episode for 2013, so I can pick the highlights of what we cooked so far:

Pan-seared fillet of Sea Bass, served with Sauce Sirene (my maritime version of much-loved Sauce Vierge) and a stir-fry from fennel, celery and artichokes. Slice of bread.

Spiced feta cheese on walnut pesto, served on bite-sized croutons (shown in the photo). Seared scallops with fresh pesto and herb salad. A white fish soup with bits to discover: scallops, Sea Bream, Red Mullet and sweet clams, smoked Haddock, leak pillars, stir-fried artichokes and fennel, mushrooms, croutons, lardons and probably something else. A journey of discovery through flavours and textures. Plating up took so long that everything had cooled down, regardless of my best efforts to pre-heat the plates and be quick about it. I should have poured the soup piping hot, but I feared that it might split. This all followed by a hot dark chocolate fondant with spicy summer fruit jam, selection of cheeses and crackers, etc.

A lovely rich Thai Green Chicken Curry with fragrant rice. I’m sure my version of this dish is not very authentic, given that I have never eaten one anywhere else which comes close in terms of flavour intensity, depth and all around yummieness, so I’m fine with lacking in authenticity.

Confit de Canard with Pommes Dauphinoise and green beans, followed by a vitamin boosting fruit salad. I had made a whole batch of duck confit before Christmas (some of which was thrust on relatives in form of presents), so on that evening, we enjoyed the fruits of such labour with an ultra-quick ultra-delicious meal.

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