Cavia Porcellus Update

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theBoysSome of you have wondered how the two Guinea pigs are getting along in the snow and cold, and I am happy to report that they are getting on fine in the relative warmth of our hall. It’s too cold outside, especially for the little one which hasn’t had a chance to grow a fat layer or winter fur.

I am mighty proud of them. I really am. They didn’t have much of the gentle step-by-step introductions, but were housed together in a cage pretty quickly (on account of the weather turning cold and snowy). After 36 hours of very high excitement with constant squealing and running about, sniffing and calling each other, but without any significant fighting, they settled in incredibly well. The older one clearly adopted the little one, giving shelter and protection, and the little one clearly accepted. They even call each other when I take one out of their cage, how sweet is that?

So, all is well. All we need now is a turn to milder weather so that they can return to their larger run in the garden.


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