An Open Letter

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DSC_0304I reported twice, so far, on the local rejection of plans for converting a run-down small office block into a place of rehabilitation treatment for drug and alcohol addicts. [one] [two]

Today, even the local Councillor for the Labour party beats his chest with the successful defeat of such plans, in form of a locally distributed pamphlet. Enough is enough! If the man doesn’t come speak to me, I need to speak to the man. And so we did. A copy of our message follows:

Dear Cllr Yoel Gordon,

Thank you very much for your letter with news about The Studios, Hanwell. Please allow us to express our deep regret and most heartfelt resentment about this affair.

We expected the local conservative representative to jump onto this particular bandwagon, the bandwagon put into motion by the local well-to-do not-on-my-doorstep party. She did. From a representative of the Labour party, we expect awareness of the needs of the society as a whole, though.

Maybe also a little bit of common sense.

You, and your “defending the communities” are actively helping to build a society nobody in their right social mind can wish to live in. The “anywhere but here” approach is an outright antisocial policy. We do not wish to be associated with such a policy.

A much needed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility now needs to find another location (and probably face the same resentment again). In Cambridge Road, we are stuck with a derelict and (seemingly) partly unused office block, featuring a forecourt ideally suited for drug dealing in the evening hours. We almost wish the local dealers move their business there.



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