Patient Focus

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In my penultimate report from under the covers at Charing Cross hospitals (I am in fact back home by the time this post goes live), I want to share some thoughts about patient focus.

I am sure the NHS, Charing Cross hospitals and the architect and interior designers of this particular home away from home (ward 10 South) are all very proud of the comprehensive patient-focused design and layout.

But that’s exactly what it is: it is focused on the patient and allows for the best possible care. But, did anyone try to see things from a patient’s standpoint of view? Apparently not, or not successfully so. There’s amble space for the nurses to look away drugs and materials next to the bed but little room for a change of clothes. There’s amble space for nurses to assist or come to the rescue in the bathroom, but little room to put a towel and no place to put a bar of soap or bottle of shower gel other than on the floor. Needless to say that I am not allowed to bend down. There’s a request to take only lukewarm showers but no temperature control is available in the bath, only all or nothing.

It seems that the designers were focusing on the patient too hard and failed to imagine themselves in that place.