Introducing: Amalgamator

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Amalgamation exampleThe Amalgamator is a little digital visual arts project of mine, and it goes like this:

Consider a versatile greetings card, containing all the greetings, congratulations and condolences you’d ever want to send, but with the minimum total number of words. The words are listed such that by crossing out the unwanted words (or circling, or highlighting, the desired ones), all the original greetings, congratulations and condolences can be created.

The picture shows one of these cards with crossed-out unwanted words. We made this “by hand,” and discovered that the manual process is highly error-prone and brain-wrecking.

The amalgamation algorithm takes your greetings and get-well messages, thank you notes and condolences, or any other message you’d want to convey in any language you can type on your computer, and amalgamates these messages into a stream of words of the quality described above.

For the cherry on top, you can then print your amalgamated greeting card straight from the Almagamator. The Amalgamation site is right here.



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