We are so Cool

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UebergeekActually, no. We are not cool. While, against common belief, German humor does exist, the German language in particular, and the entire culture on a whole, has never struck me as representative of modernism.

I am, however, endlessly fascinated and amused by the recently increased use of words like Zeitgeist, or Ãœbergeek (commonly spelled Uebergeek).These guys even sell you your very personal one. Bloggers might know Das Blog.

Many German loanwords are related to warfare (hmm.. wonder why that might be): Blitzkrieg, Angst and Hinterland come to mind immediately. I found a nice and fairly comprehensive listing of German loanwords, and I am happy also to report more positive loadwords, such Sturm und Drang, Doppelgänger, Lederhosen or Wiener Schnitzel.

The most inspired modern use of German in the English language, however, is undoubtly an advertisement for this fantastic keyboard.(If you aren’t sure what Ãœbergeeks are, read the introduction page for Das Keyboard and you’ll know. In case you come back and you still don’t know, then know you aren’t one.)

Any more inventive loans and language hybrids? What’s your favourite one?