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BlackouttrafficOK, I only commute once in two weeks or so, but when I do…

I hate drivers!

I hate those speed-camera-aware drivers who slow down to at least 15 mph less than the current speed limit at the sight of a speed camera, while staring at the box as if hypnotic means would help.

I hate those constant-speed drivers who cruise the motorway at 50mph, and continue driving through a village at the same speed.

I hate those smarta* drivers who need to overtake on the hard shoulder or otherwise outsmart and endanger the remaining traffic.

I hate those idiots who, sitting in a perfectly normal daily traffic jam, have nothing better to do then waking up the neighbourhood by honking their horn, as if that would move the rubbish collection lorry any faster.

I hate those morons who make all cars in a 100 yard radius aware of their disgusting taste of music.

I hate those drivers who cannot show patience and let someone make a u-turn, as if they never were lost or in need for some help.

I hate those falling asleep at the traffic lights, driving while holding a cut of tea in the left, a fag in the right and the mobile phone with the shoulder, driving while burning one litre of oil every 10 miles, driving too fast, too slow, or anywhere where I want to drive in the first place.

It’s a lack of intelligence, common sense, and consideration. That’s what it is. Yes.

/rant. Feeling much better now.