Ready for Take-Off?

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Oil PumpFurther on the subject of alternative energy: Surely fossil energy will run out shortly – give or take 10 years, but we are likely to be alive when it becomes a very, very, rare resource.
People are now discussing alternative sources for electricity (wind, solar, tide, even nuclear fusion and fission, etc), heating and transportation.

Electric cars may not yet perform very well, but at least these are available immediately. We could heat our homes smarter and drastically reduce the gas bill (better isolation, heat exchangers, solar panels, geothermal heating, etc). I guess there’s a lot in the works, and there is hope (but probably no light at the end of the tunnel just yet).

Now we’re talking runway extensions and new airport terminals again.

Does anyone know how we plan to propel aeroplanes and ships in ten or twenty years from now?