How Very Interesting… (And Pass the Sherry, Dear)

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Tate Modern
I am very happy to boast that I am now a member of the Tate. Not only will I have free access to all exhibitions, and thus hopefully be prompted to actually go and have a look, but I will also have access to the Member Rooms, where a drink can be had in good views of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

I shall thus slurp my Sherry, tilt the head ever so slightly, sharpen my lips and declare How Very Interesting this is.

Joke aside, I have often considered taking out a membership there. The wife has now made that decision for me; praise and thanks to her!

We shall go and see the Rousseau exhibition shortly. I somehow doubt that we will make it to Sarah Lucas or Turner’s Seascapes in Tate Liverpool, but I am all enthused for now.

Oh, and a Happy New Year to everyone.