Omm.. (Splish Splosh) Omm.. (Splish Splosh)

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I went to the pool in my local Gym the other day – a rare occasion, as the pool only has space for 4..5 swimmers. So, I got myself a lane and swum up and down (1st), up and down (2nd), up and down (hmm, was that the 2nd or the 3rd…?)…

I always find it highly fascinating how the mind switches off during physical exertion. The smallest little tasks, such as counting the lenghts, contemplating this blog post, or solving the global energy crisis, suddenly become challenging. Adding a small other challenge, such as a very regular stroke and breathing rhythm, allow me to meditate in a quicky, power-nap style.

So, from all the activities available, I prefer swimming for its physical and mental relaxation.

When I return from the Gym and go back to work, still not having found the solution to the day’s problem, at least I know why.