Bigger Than Life

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Statue of Liberty
In America, things tend to be bigger, whiter, shinier, than anywhere else. Virginia Strawberries can be as big as a small apple. Braeburn apples, a small to mid-sized apple in the Olde World, tend to be a rather large variety here. Coffee milk comes in Half and Half (half cream half milk), thus whiter and creamier than anywhere else.

My favourite superlative American contraption, however, must be the flush button at the mens’ urinal. Normally a pound-coin sized contraption, or a lever signifficantly smaller than your average door handle, American flush buttons always appear ready for action on a somewhat larger scale. I am always reminded on an old German cartoon, where the plumber from hell mounts an industrial-scale, 10 inch pipe with valve above the bath, explaining the somewhat puzzled housewife that it wasn’t a beauty but the tub would be full in less than 3 seconds.

So, anyway, here’s one of those lovely flush buttons. Gotta love them, ey?