Fighting Bird Flu

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Chicken Roulades
This lovely chicken recipe is your chance to fight bird flu. Eat them before they can get anywhere. I was browsing my copy of The Silver Spoon (Thanks again to K&D for that rich source of inspiration), when a photo in the poultry section inspired me to the following, still nameless, chicken delight.

The idea is to make some succulent chicken roulades with a mushroom sauce and sage-flavoured pasta.  Here we go:

Get one chicken leg per person. Clean and dry, de-bone. Fill each deboned leg with a generous portion of a salsa that you made from fresh herbs (sage, basil, parsley, rocket salad), capers, anchovies, pepper, and olive oil. Wrap the meat with bacon and use a skewer to hold all together, if needed.  Gently fry on both sides until browned. Meanwhile…

Pre-heat the oven to 180 Celsius. Bring salted water to the boil, enough for 150g of Spaghetti per person. Meanwhile…

Remove birds from frying pan, place in a roasting dish, and pop them into the oven. Quick-fry a handful of olives and small whole onions in the remaining fat. Remove onions and olives temporarily. Sweat some flour in the remaining fat, add olives, onions, porcini mushrooms, and a glass of while wine. Season to taste with salt, pepper. Let simmer for a few minutes until onions are tender.  Meanwhile….

Melt 50g butter and fry a handful of finely chopped fresh sage. Drain the spaghetti, toss with the sage butter, remove chicken from oven and serve, finish the sauce seasoning with fresh herbs (basil, rocket salad, flat parsley), and serve sauce with chicken. Delicious!

OK, this might be no candidate for the "Quick ‘n’ Easy" department, but it’s worth the effort. Try it!

Oh, and if you find a good name for it, please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. I can highly recommend it. Not only did it look phantastic, it also tasted deliciious. I’m always pleased to be a guinnea pig…

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