Jetlag Cure

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Yesterday was my first day here in California, and as certain as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, jetlag gives me a big fat headache on the afternoon of the first day, and the entire body goes into not-a-step-further and not-a-straight-thought mode.

I learnt a while ago that this is the time to kick myself into the back, finish work, and go for a swim. Not a serious workout, but as many lanes as the body will allow. It would appear that it helps maintaining a healthy balance: if the body thinks its tired, better make sure it actually is.

So, an hour after that swim and while writing this post, I actually feel wonderful. Like a newborn, thanks to the pool at Los Gatos Athletics Club. Nice facilities: well maintained but, because some of the tiles have cracks and the wet part is not made from moulded plastic but actually build with mortar, bricks and tiles, the place has some atmosphere to it.

I shall return and hopefully also return to my regular workout programme soon, but I won’t bother you any further with this. Just wanted to share this piece of anti-jetlag advise.