Stay Away From the Beach!

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Stay away from the beach!

We took the bicycles for a spin through the Romney Marshes and have been to Dymchurch beach last weekend, down on the Sussex south coast. Not only did we find the discarded bikini top shown on the left (click for full size image), but we also found that the beaches are quite dangerous in spite of the many things that aren’t allowed there.

I guess there is just too much thread of court proceedings and compensation in case someone slips on the beach and claims it to be surprisingly uneven and slippery.

We found it lovely (but slippery indeed).

2 thoughts on “Stay Away From the Beach!

  1. I’d imagine something similar to the Cherry B had happened to the not-so-tiny lady who discarded her top.
    Maybe there is benefit in alco-pops after all?

  2. I didn’t read your blog yesterday! Did you miss me?
    What attractive signage – congratulations Shepway Council. Incidently Dymchurch was the scene of my first alcoholic mishap at the age of 14 months. My mother thought ‘Cherry B’ was fruit juice and couldn’t work out why I kept falling over.

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