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Dr. Zoggs
I mentioned the deceased colour slide projector last week (see here). It’s a simple yet tragic tale: some piece of equipment fails, and you might find yourself in the proximity. Say, for example, the piece of equipment was a colour slide projector, and you was I.

"Easy," you’d think, "I’m a trained expert in what-not. Piece of cake." And out comes the toolkit. The wife smirks sympathetically.

Take the device apart and hunt down that tiny spring which sprung away as you opened the lid (retrieve from the distant corner under the sofa in typical cases). The wife smirks insightfully and sympathetically.

Look insight the unit. Knowledgeably diagnose the problem, apply a drop of oil here, clean some dust there, and consider the repair a success. The wife smirks.

Re-assemble the unit. No, part B must have gone under part A first, and the other hand needs to hold onto the spring again while the third hand twists this buckle slightly while the fourth hand gently squeezes the holder which no longer seems big enough…

At this point, the wife smirks knowingly.

New colour slide projectors are available from a variety of reputable retailers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, should you require any recommendations or, indeed, my personal services to your present device.


2 thoughts on “Handyman Alert

  1. I am deeply touched and suspect you might forget a few similar incidents. Touched nevertheless.

  2. it is not true that the wife smirked all through the process – and I have to point out that this is the only electrical piece of equipment out of many you took a apart and could not fit together again…
    And otherwise we would never have gotten that lens…

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