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Edward the Confessor
Is it just me? I have spent almost 10 years in the U.K. now, with frequent visits to the U.S. throughout those years, yet I have never seen or heard anyone withing me Godspeed. Not until recently, that is.

Have a nice journey, or Have a safe trip used to be the common formula, but now… Godspeed?

Is God a speedy god? Is He in the end not omnipresent at all, but wizzes around at amazing speed? How come this word of well-wishing appears to re-surface at the time of renewed religious… hm… euphoria?

I don’t know. It makes me feel like saying Keep Your God to yourself. It is in good hands there, and I don’t mind at all. If only everyone did the same, this planet would be a much nicer place.

5 thoughts on “Godspeed!

  1. Did you get my response to your comment from above at all? Or was the internet playing up again, just curious. If you didnt I would post again, else …

  2. I apologize, I think “YOUR GOD” wasnt the right way to put it… I should’ve said “your faith or whatever that you believe in or whatever that keeps you going”. I just gave it a name and called it “God”. I am forever naming things, you see :) If you dont have one, Godspeed can easily be taken as “wish you success in your oncoming journey”. I suppose the word “god” has so much religious connotations that a lot of people get offended the minute it is used in a general context. Esp. these days when there’s so many problems caused due to relgion.

  3. Thanks for the input, UL.
    I like your reading it as “may YOUR God make…,” but I now feel left out. I have no God.

    In fact, nobody does, but some may not know this yet.

  4. I thought Godspeed meant May your God make your journey successful. “YOUR” being the key word. But I wanted to be sure, and it is something similar. You might have seen the links I send earlier. I dont think by this word anyone is trying to force his/her God upon you. That’s too far fetched.. I would consider it a good wish and move on.

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