Testosterone ‘R’ Us

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Atv Yahoo News reports falling testosterone levels among (North) American males.

Upon recent personal inspection, this appears to be incorrect. The number of moustache-wearing rolled-up sleeves American males wasting time and energy with all terrain vehicles (ATV), moto-cross bikes, or other noisy means of propulsion across land or water isn’t matched by any other country I have been to before. Add the insanely-sized tricks and pick-ups, coach-sized camper-vans (RV), the fact that every second car in Utah tows a boat on a trailer, or many other subtle hints, and I am sure you will join me in concluding that this fall of testosterone levels isn’t concerning at all.

It might just be the first step towards normality.

2 thoughts on “Testosterone ‘R’ Us

  1. You’re too forgiving. The men I refer to were the largest collection of alpha-males under a testosterone overdose I ever saw before.

    Besides, my understanding for any sports activity that ruins nature, makes hell of a noise, and burns lot of fuel is very limited indeed.

    It’s not about workaholics. It is about rednecks.

  2. Wow, so much news. Good to see you back. Looks like you had a terrific holiday. Nice.

    As for testosterone levels, it is no surprise, is it? Esp. here, it’s a result of becoming workaholics. All work, and no rest makes one unhappy and sick!

    RVs and ATVs are the way they spend all the money they make, after all there’s so much land to move about in :)

    I doubt it is testosterone levels.

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