Cold Beer, Dirty Girls

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This is the last section of our journey through America’s Southwest: we had to return to Las Vegas, clean the rented camper van, return it to the rental company first thing in the morning and make our way across the big pond.

After having spend almost two weeks in nature and in almost entirely quietness, I found it quite difficult to cope with Las Vegas and its never ending plethora of flashing and blinking and moving and -most annoying of all- constantly bleebing or tooteling gadgets absolutely everywhere.

We dutifully explored some of the casinos (not the one advertised in this photo, though). Nothing invested, nothing gained, nothing lost. Just the way it should be; we prefer spending our money on things other than gambling. And so we did:

We invested into two tickets for Cirque du Soleil‘s Mystere at Treasure Island. A stunningly beautiful, artistic and acrobatic show, and money very well spend indeed. This is the third Cirque du Soleil production, and probably the most stunning one we have seen. It’s not designed to tour and can take full advantage of all the stage technology, therefore.

What a show!

2 thoughts on “Cold Beer, Dirty Girls

  1. …enjoyed the show, and ticked off Las Vegas. Been there, done that.
    You may call me a miserable old git.

  2. Las Vegas has something interesting for everyone, hey. Even the non- gamblers :) Glad you ebjoyed the shows.

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