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OK, I am back. Not sure if anyone is surprised by this or if anyone has been waiting for this (hoping? dreading?), but anyway, it has happened. I wasn’t so sure myself.

Work and life had a strong grip on me during the last week, so all the plans for much-needed self-reflection were doomed and drowned. I guess the bottomline is that one cannot take a break while continuing just like any other day.

And with the festive season coming up, there’s just too much stuff to do anyhow… Not that we’ve done to bad, actually:

Presents bought or made: done
Presents and overseas cards sent: done
Domestic cards written and distributed: Partially
Christmans menu selected: done
Christmas puddings steamed: done
Shopping list: done
Guests invited: done (and all signed up! Too bad for the B-list! ;-)

I guess I am greeting you back after this break with a continued smug grin. Go figure!

2 thoughts on “Hi.

  1. :-))) I’m glad you are back and being Bernd-ish again. I was afraid you were going to reappear with a belly button piercing and a fast car.

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