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When you come around my house and look closely, you may find this little fellow (see picture; click  image for larger version).

I call him (or is it a She?) Salamber Salamber, although the scientific name is actually Salamandra salamandra. The wife suggested that name, and I really appreciate her support for my recent passion for salamanders and lizards very much. This good woman has a lot of understanding, more than I could ever exhibit myself. (Salamber Salamber, by the way, is a children’s language name for the same animal when we grew up.)

It all goes back to the gypsum heads. I still don’t know what to do with those, but I have replaced the high-tec paper-mache stuff with other modelling clay. The real McCoy! Like real clay but smoother, less messy, and not in need of burning. Dries pretty hard and pretty quickly when placed on the radiator, although I doubt it would be suitable for making dishes and plates, or garden statues.

It’s perfect for making salamanders and lizards, though. Come around my place and you’ll find them all over.

3 thoughts on “Lurchi

  1. Ha ha you could put the heads on spikes over your front door. That would keep unwelcome guests away (the one’s who take your stuff).

  2. I thought he was real!
    I love reptiles – I can never understand why the word is used as an insult when they have such cute little faces.

    Now moths, that’s a different matter – they are evil creatures.

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