England vs Portugal

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London Mela 2005

After visiting Lisbon’s Farmers’ Market recently, I checked out our very own local West Ealing Farmers’ Market.

It’s actually pretty good: a fishmonger who does more than just Cod, Haddock and Plaice. Several meat stalls with a variety of traditional meats, game, and poultry, 2 or 3 bread and cake vendors, flowers, fruits and vegetables, pickles, and much more. That’s pretty cool for a tiny Saturday market, but it can of course not compete at all with Lisbon’s gorgeous offerings.

We are not at a total loss, though. The women of West Ealing with the European, African, Asian and rest-of-the-world mix of London, can well compete with those of Lisbon, and certainly outshine that one particular lady with ease.

It’s a draw. England vs Portugal 1:1

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  1. Oh so it’s a draw, is it? I am surprised London didnt win – but then I have never been to Portugal so.. you know better

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