Time Travel

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When we went to Lisbon recently, we were pretty excited just how much Lisbon might have changed in those 15-something years since we’ve last been there.

We should not have worried. Although there seems to be a little more prosperity, everything was pretty much as we remembered it. The men still go out in knitted jumpers, and the women still wear quilted coats. The people are still very much no-frills but very friendly, and the restaurants still serve a regular Portuguese meal as

a plate full of steaming greens, potatoes, and fish
. €10 still buys a kilo of wind-dried ham, or a bottle of Aquadente, or a little more buys you an entire meal.

It’s that no-frills approach to almost everything that we liked so much about Portugal, and we were very happy to find this hasn’t changed. I guess loosing that touch would be becoming more like Spain, which is of course

the last thing the Portuguese want

2 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. I’m sure there is a fashionable side of Portuguese life, but I am also sure even the top end of the shiny life is somewhat less shiny than elsewhere. Which is, again, what we like.

  2. Interesting, I had a Portugese friend whom I lost touch with, the one thing I remember about him is the “knitted jumpers” and the “no frills”. Apt descriptions. Didnt know until now that it fits the “Portugese” in general.

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