Plastic Fetish

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It really is insane, don’t you think?

During any of my shopping, but during the weekly run to the supermarket in particular, I pay lots of attention to keep plastic to a minimum: I don’t plastic bag my shopping at the checkout, but use re-usable crates in my car instead. I don’t bag every piece of fruit or vegetable but am quite happy to buy 5 loose onions and 8 loose bulbs or garlic without a plastic bag each, etc.

I carry a wicker basket to the local shops and market, and I always get comments like "oh we used to have one of those, too."

Even though I believe that the amount of plastic that I carry home, and consequently throw away, is little compared to many other people, I am still quite shocked by the amounts.

As reported by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology‘s report on Household Waste (Postnote 252), plastic bags alone make only 1% of U.K. household waste by weight, but 20% of total household waste. I am not surprised about these figures when I watch people at the supermarket checkout. Something must change.

I suggest we all try starting with ourselves, using less and less plastic and recycling more and more of it by simple domestic re-use, or by finding one of the rare plastic recycling collection points.

It’s just insane. It really is.


2 thoughts on “Plastic Fetish

  1. You’re right. We also know its a bad thing but keep telling ourselves “I’ll do it anyway.”

  2. Agreed one hundred percent, what’s strange is the fact that it was never popular when I grew up, but these days, as the country grows more developed, it’s getting more popular when it should be the other way round. That’s a shame.

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