Energy Savings My A*

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Some tell me to gradually replace traditional light bulbs with those Energy Saving ones. Apparently, this will save the planet.

First, the smallest of these is as big as a regular sized traditional bulb, and most models are still the size of a balloon.
Second, even the cheap ones still cost a great deal more than "proper ones."
Third, they are nowhere near as bright as a real bulb even within the acclaimed wattage equivalent.
Forth, they make a green-ish light, even the more recent models with less green spectrum. 
Fifth, they aren’t instant on.
Sixth, they don’t support half of what proper bulbs do (dimming, colouring, electronic switching).
Seventh, they cannot be disposed through the household rubbish (glass shatters and needs depressurizing, fluorescent coating is poisonous).
Eighth, significant more energy is required to make them than traditional bulbs.
Ninth, these bulbs contain electronics with all the usual concerns about recycling, or the lack of recycling methods, for these.

Sounds like a pretty rubbish solution to me – except for the makers of energy savings light bulbs.

I  was tempted and bought a new one recently. Contemplating all the above I am in favour of considerate use of the light switch, combined with a good old 60W or 100W bulb. I imagine the net result on the environment should not be worse.

Anyone ready to convince me otherwise?

10 thoughts on “Energy Savings My A*

  1. For some wierd reason, I like the white light from an energy saving light than the yellow one from a normal bulb..I dont see any green at all..maybe I am colourblind, I dont think so.

    But I agree with the rest of the crowd, I would like the longer lasting ones than the one that needs changing every few weeks. Esp. when my cielings are unreachable with a very tall ladder.

  2. The link brings the dreaded “Welcome! Join and register with MySpace” page, but I can search Myspace for Clive+light+bulb. Oh my. How many…
    Women with PMS? System Managers? Butterheads? In the anus? Nuns? Goths?

    Oh my. I shudder to think these are only some of those related to Clive.

  3. Sister – Ich denke auch. Aergerlich nur, dass so viele auf den Zug aufspringen. In Australien sind die Dinger, glaube ich, schon Pflicht, und hier gibt es auch entsprechende Bestrebungen. Den Rest meines Lebens im fahlen Gruenschimmer? Ich hoffe nicht!

  4. Erinnerst du dich noch an die Vogelgrippe? Eine ähnliche Sau treiben sie jetzt mit der Klimakatastrophe durchs Dorf. Die Energiesparlampen sind nur das Äquivalent zur Stallpflicht.

  5. Hmm. Looks like the engineering-style answer is “N+1”, where N is the number of currently present software engineers.
    Yeah… I buy that.

  6. The question as to how many software engineers are needed to change a light bulb is answered easily: none. They are simply never around when the light bulbs give up their gost and the wife has therefore to do it herself!

  7. I can help you changing your bulbs, if you can explain to me how many software engineers are needed to change a ligh bulb?

  8. I have begun using longer lasting light bulbs in more inaccessible places, therefore reducing the likelihood of me toppling over the bannisters and down the stairwell to about half. Or I could just get you to come and change my light bulbs :-)

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