Not a Health Food Store

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I went into the local health food store to buy some whey, which had been suggested as a natural preservative when making mustard.

I didn’t get what I was after, but I did find Egg-free Mayonnaise.

I guess this disqualifies them as a health food retailer, and as a food retailer. Mayonnaise is, by definition, an emulsion of egg yolks and oil. Take the eggs away and you have oil. I didn’t venture to determine the substitute ingredients, but shudder at the thought alone.

Can’t be healthy. Can’t be tasty.

2 thoughts on “Not a Health Food Store

  1. I doubt it. There might be some health-food hype around it in some places, but replacing an egg (unless it was a contaminated one to begin with) with a disgusting smear of soy bean flour and vegetable oils – urgh. Go away. Tell your friend to write 100 times I shall not eat junk even if the label says healthy. I shall think about what I eat.

  2. But I had a friend who was very orthdox with her cooking, as well as what she ate. Only stuck with very healthy food. She didnt eat eggs, and when I ate something she had cooked that tasted like mayo I asked her about it. She said, she hadnt used eggs at all. So, I suppose it can be done in a healthy way. A health store would know for sure, wouldnt they?

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