Professional Language

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The recent post about the stupid Energy Saving light bulbs unfortunately brought not much insight on subject matter, but did give us some enlightenment on an import question of our time.

I welcome further contributions.

The true answer, however, is not N+1, or Naught, but It depends, possibly followed by a detailed breakdown of the various conditions and aspects that might influence the answer. True Software Engineering style.

Other professions have professional and characteristic phrases, too. Maybe these:

Lawyer: We cannot write this in this way.

Sales Person: I sold one last week already. When is it ready?

Butcher: A little over…?

More, anyone?

4 thoughts on “Professional Language

  1. The nurse: “I’ll be with you in a minute”
    “You might feel a bit of discomfort”

    And, of course, the ex-intensive care nurse whenever somebody suffers from a non-lifethreatening condition:
    “you will survive”

  2. Carpenter:”I’ll put the offer in your letter-box.This afternoon!”
    Ha Ha.

  3. The shop assistant – ‘No we don’t stock those any more – no call for them. You’re the fourth person to ask me today!’

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