Swan Quadriptychon

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Swan_familyFollowing the swan double bill with Swan Lake and Lost and Found, I am thinking of making two more. The four together could form a quadriptychon, replacing the triptychon above our sofa (consisting of Dagmar, Myself at the Sound Barrier, and Don Giovanni).

I can think of Flower Power maybe (with a girdle of daisies), a Trumpeter Swan with the beak tied shut with a ribbon, or a Black Swan maybe. Or maybe a forgetful swan (with a knot in its neck), or an upside-down one (during the Upping)… ?

I am open to suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Swan Quadriptychon

  1. We saw one that was white with a black neck (a swan, not a blind man). Now, that’s a challange to explain milk. We think of this joke every single time we see a swan.
    I’ll send you the picture as soon as I manage to get it off the stupid mobile phone.

  2. I thought the black swans were upside down…Do you remember the story about how to explain what milk is to a blind man?

  3. I am all ‘eyes’, will let the others suggest and wait to see them take shape :)

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