Have You Done Your Shopping Yet?

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Basket Have you done your shopping yet? I have, M’am.

For shopping in the local shops and market on a Saturday, I prefer using my old and trusted friend, a wicker basket as old as my marriage, and as big as they come. When this basket is packet with fresh produce, I know its time to stop buying even more.

The most exciting aspect of using this basket, however, is people’s response. Almost every time I use it, a stranger approaches me with a comment like "Oh, we used to have one of those," "I’ve still got one of these up in the loft," or even (shouting while cycling past) "Have you done your shopping yet?"

Being approached in this way is pretty unusual here in England. I wished people went even further and uncovered their wicker baskets. It makes for a nice market shipping experience, gets you in touch with lots of people, and saves a lot of plastic bags. 

2 thoughts on “Have You Done Your Shopping Yet?

  1. Shame on you. Too lazy to bother while others chop tree after tree down for paper bags?

    (OK I am in the glass house. I like paper bags. Better for the environment than plastic, and certainly much nicer.)

  2. Looks pretty neat and fashionable, but I think I will stick with paper bags given a choice, those that I can use and throw away. A basket requires cleaning and maintenance and I am too lazy to bother.

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