Back Home

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11,000 miles and three weeks later, I am as ever glad to be back home. There’s just nothing that beats the own mattress and space, even if the boiler refuses to start.

In addition to a two week business trip, the wife and I spend a week exploring Silicon Valley and the surrounding Bay Area with its gorgeous State Parks, Monterey with the Bay and the Aquarium, the Pacific coast and of course San Francisco.

I’ll share some of our thoughts and (photographic) finds over the next few days. Until then, it’s a matter of sitting here and waiting for my brain to complete the journey back to England.


4 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. I am touched by all you lot showing up on the day of the first post after three weeks. Thanks for your support!

  2. Welcome back, missed you, of course :) rather your blogs, good luck settling back in, look forward to weblogs and photographs of the holiday :)

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