Odyssee 2012?

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Time for a breaking-news post. OK, only 48 hours young: Did you see the new London 2012 Olympics logo, unveiled this Monday by Sebastian Coe? (Go and read the official statement).

Apparently, it is modern and includes the word London. It’s even available in four amazing colours.

Nobody explained why it’s so ugly, why it isn’t at least available in the five Olympic colours, why the only reference to London is the written word (rather than, maybe, the logo itself with its jagged line resembling the famous bird’s eye view of London with its curved river), why the reference to 2012 is barely recognizable, or why … oh my, I’m getting all worked up again!

For £400,000 you’d expect something real in return. This is a bad joke. (Sign petition here)

On the upside, according to the BBC, the logo will evolve over the next five years. Let’s hope so.

3 thoughts on “Odyssee 2012?

  1. Hmm, jigsaw puzzle. Not bad, actually. As such, I am sure, the little image correctly depicts the current state of Olympic affairs.

  2. Yuk, horrible colors, a poor attempt at a jigsaw puzzle that probably doesn’t fit!

  3. It’s only when you mentioned it and I had looked again I even noticed the very vague 2012 reference.
    I agree with you (and most people) that this design is horrible.

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