2012 Olympics

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2012 Olympics, again – and most certainly not the last time. Apparently, this revised London 2012 Olympics logo has been going around on the Internet and you may have seen it already.

It is of course no better than the real thing, but the point is: it ain’t worse neither. Which makes both pretty bad, I think.

Collections of constructive counter-proposals are emerging like mushrooms. See, for example, the London Logo Blog, the BBC’s alternative logo photo collection (second page), or even the official site. Who says creativity is dead?

6 thoughts on “2012 Olympics

  1. But you have to admit, the former is so much more easier, as we can clearly see :) I shudder to think of all that wasted money.

  2. I _do beg you on my knees_: Let’s not start a contest for the worst possible logo. Things are hard enough when focussing on the best possible one… :-)

  3. :) :) I love this one, so appropriate, I enjoyed the remark on the london logo blog, “Could anyone make anything worse?”, Hilarious and so true!

  4. Die ganze Aktion schlaegt ordentliche Wellen – viel mehr kann man von der Einfuehrung einer Marke ja eigentlich nicht erwarten. Ob man allerdings erwarten kann dass Cola und Nike und so weiter sich so ein haessliches Logo auf die Dosen und Hosen kleben lassen, ….?

  5. ach, auch schon drauf gekommen? aber ich find die alternativvorschläge ja mal alle besser als das original. und sogar hier beschäftigt sich der spiegel mit dem problem…

  6. When the first logo meant “2012” does this one mean “shit”? Take a look!

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