Lights Out!

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E27 Light Bulb

I assume you turned your lights off last night and read by candlelight for at least one hour last night? (some photos are here)

I did, and I think it’s a good idea: We will save some energy (always a plus), but most of all, will all be reminded that power doesn’t simply come out of a socket in the wall.  Always better than just a plus.

So. Don’t wait for your major’s next publicity stunt. Just turn all your lights off for one hour, one day in each week. Every week.

Come on!

One thought on “Lights Out!

  1. I grew up with power outage as a daily event, not for saving the environment, but due to some electrical problem or the other. Experienced by most other Indians. And it sure wasnt a pleasant experience, so I am not sure I could do it, but I will try….

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