The Voice of Reason

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(Belated due to the H4P1 pause and other issues…)

He failed to apply his trademark style of offending lack of diplomacy and seemingly careless choice of words this time, but once again, his is the voice of reason. A long last, someone speaks up against Patio Heaters.

Ken says "We need to call a halt towards this trend for wasting energy in this way. I hope garden centres and other retail outlets will reconsider the promotion of these patio heaters." (BBC report here)

These things always seemed outrageously insane to me, blowing heat from gas burners into the great outdoors while enjoying a drink in the reflected warmth and discussing concerns about global warming.

My mother told me that the Kaffeehaus Fridericus (no homepage?) in my home town of Neustadt had found a very German, pragmatic and environment friendly solution to the problem of outdoor seating during the chilly season: They provided each outdoors seat with a fleece blanket, so you could curl up, wrap warm, enjoy an overpriced Latte and discuss concerns about global warming with a clear conscience.

Having just returned from the equally environment-aware Stockholm, I can report blankets on chairs there, too (although we also spotted patio heaters).

Very good!

4 thoughts on “The Voice of Reason

  1. Wow, that was an enlightening article, I didnt know those things emitted CO2 equivalent (annual average)to driving a car 6000 miles. Well, I have never used one in my life..and wont be doing so. And hey, nice to read about the hometown..

  2. allerdings hat auch das fridericus gas-heizstrahler draußen rumstehen, falls es zu kalt ist…

  3. I can think of at least half a dozen ‘health and safety’ issues that would no doubt prevent anything so sensible in Britain.

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