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lainmoral_1 The Conservative Party was close to winning the campaign. In a last-minute effort, they stage the two town drunks and make them give speeches.

This was too embarrassing. I broke away and went to the nearby church hall to collect my things. A woman followed me, cornered me inside the hall, hugged and explained:

You owe me a kiss.

Before I could figure an elegant way of inquiring the kind lady’s name, she proceeded to take what she thought was hers.

I have a faint recollection that there might be some truth in her claim, but struggle with the details, as this would go over 25 years back.

At the same time that I am both unable to speak and think of her name, my wife enters the room. We break apart in time, and she says cheerfully

Your wife? Come on, won’t you introduce me?

How very embarrassing. Thankfully, the alarm rung and got me out of this tight spot in the last moment.

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5 thoughts on “She-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named

  1. So ist das Leben. Ich liebe Pichelsteiner und hasse Soziologie, aber dass Du diese beiden Dinge zusammenbringst ist in der Tat… beachtlich.

  2. Das ist doch gar nichts. Ich hab letztens geträumt, das meine Soziologie Klausur auch einen praktischen Teil hat: Pichelsteiner kochen. Ich hasse Pichelsteiner.

  3. Kopfkino. Säääähr gut. Geht das auch mit Harry Potter (ich habe die Deathly Hallowsgelesen und dann nochmal bei Order of the Phoenix angefangen.
    Kopfkino. Hmmmm :-)

    Usha, jetlag should be behind me after almost a week, but somehow I am finding it unusually difficult to find rest. As my sister says, it’s the Kopfkino going berserk, which translates to the little cinema inside your head.

  4. Zuviel Chandler oder Kafka, wenn das Kopfkino solche Dinge macht. Liebe Grüße von einer Vielträumerin.

  5. :) you are dreaming again, still jet lagged or is it you are getting too much sleep these days? :)

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