Knowing Your Whereabouts

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alcoholPolicy You know you are in California when you find the local town hosting a (free) Jazz concert in the local centre town plaza on Wednesday nights.

What, I hear you ask, makes that indicative of California?

Simple. The event finishes by 8:30pm, and no alcoholic beverages were on sale.

2 thoughts on “Knowing Your Whereabouts

  1. Right. The sale of alcohol is one thing and not totally off the mark given that absolutely everybody will drive a car afterwards. What really baffles me is the fact that this town in particular finishes the day by 9pm the latest. This is where people are supposed to work extra hours and earn loads of money, but actually, coming to think of it, those who live there have that phase behind themselves.
    I also like the pompous language on notices like the alcohol policy notice. Very typical for America.

  2. Pretty common across many states here. Restricted fun is the name of the game! I dont know how the word ‘fun’ got in there.

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