Beibehaltungsgenehmigungsinformation, Jawohl!

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NeuScharfeneck After years of sporadically following the rumors and occasional queries, I can now confirm that Germany does indeed support dual citizenship. This could enable us to seek British citizenship while maintaining our German citizenship, thus accessing our few assets in Germany and remaining fully enabled to return to Germany if we ever wished to, while being able to vote and participate in the political life where we spend our money.

Whether we go for it is an other question. Must think about it. Doesn’t seem like we’d risk losing much more than a few fees.

The official word from the Embassy (which, it must be said, was very helpful and forthcoming with my recent email inquiry), is that dual citizenship is in fact not possible according to §25 StaG, but one may apply for leave to continue maintaining the German citizenship in case another citizenship.

To me, this translates into de-facto dual citizenship, subject to certain conditions, and subject to grant of permission with the wonderful name Beibehaltungsgenehmigung.

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  1. It’s much easier having a Canadian nationality,US-Canda immigration rules are superb – work permit is just a stamp on the border or at the airport(I dont have to go through the pain of applying for a permit and wait weeks/months to renew my work permit in the USA- I had that issue while holding an Indian passport). It’s all history now, for the past three years, I have had my greencard here, so not even a stamp on the border is necessary. And then we might go ahead and apply for our citizenship here just to cover all bases :) Global trotting has its advantages.

  2. Usha, I see you are (or: were) in exactly the same boat as we are, seeking new citizenship without giving up the old one. Trouble is, in your case, that your Canadian citizenship doesn’t do you much good when living in the US, does it? Or does it help with Green Cards / Working Permits etc with our American Friends?

  3. Die Pfaelzische koennen wir nicht ablegen, das merkt man schon an unserer hartnaeckigen Leidenschaft fuer Wurst (fast) jeder Art.

    Ansonsten gebe ich Dir recht; Nationalstolz usw hat noch nie zu was Gutem gefuehrt.

    Wenn wir dann mal mehr als einen Pass haben und irgendwo im Schlamassel sind, koennen wir immerhin auf die Unzulaenglichkeiten von zwei Botschaften hoffen.

  4. Hey, das mit dem Kommentar war ich!! Bitte behaltet aber auf jeden Fall die pfälzische, wollt ich noch sagen.

  5. Weil ich das ganze Getue mit den Staatsbürgerschaften eh für überholten Blösinn halte, finde ich die Möglichkeit, zwei anzunehmen wirklich gut. Noch besser wären 20 oder so, das bleibt noch illusorisch.

  6. Indians had the same issue up until a couple of years ago, and then they granted us dual nationality based on several conditions. It took them a long time to get it right.I have to reapply though, you see I was forced to surrender my Indian nationality and passport, when I applied for my Canadian citizenship, long before India gave the heads up.

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