Last Orders!

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DonGiovanniDrinks Funny how the UK is about to lift some restrictions on the pub hours, while others introduce them: In San Jose, California, the town decided to introduce a “soft closing experiment” (to be reviewed after 90 days).

The essence is that pubs, bars and clubs are allowed to stay open one more hour, but not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages during that time.

So, it’s Last Orders for night dwellers in San Jose, although their bell rings at 1.30AM.

According to this article by the San Jose Mercury News, however, it’s not drinking-up time for the people of San Jose: It’s sobering-up time: Officials hope the extended hours will allow people to sober up before getting in their cars.

Amazing what an hour can do if you are a politician.

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3 thoughts on “Last Orders!

  1. There is one reason why this might work. In my experience, folks in central California follow directions and signs slavishly. You could find yourself standing roadside at a completely deserted and entirely overlookable road, waiting for the green light at the pedestrians’ crossing. So, based on that, if told “Sober up. Do it now!” maybe they will?

  2. Sowas funktioniert ja schon auf den Weinfesten so unglaublich gut- vor Ausschankschluss holen sich die Leute noch drei Schoppen und das wars dann erstmal mit der Ruhe.

  3. Sobering up time, huh ?, that’s a joke, you are right it’s amazing what politicians can get away with!

    How does an hour after getting drunk for hours on end sober you up, unless they provide accomodation to sleep in- which is unlikely! An interesting thought actually, pubs turning back to taverns like the old days :)

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