Just Your Normal Everyday’s Insanity

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Waterfall I have just finished reading this book -quite literally a few minutes prior to writing this post-. The book is Dingley Falls by Michael Malone.  I reviewed another of his novels before, but this one is different achievement all by itself!

In Dingley Falls, Malone shows how much he understands human nature. While Handling Sin (the one that I reviewed earlier) really showed the fantastic and grotesque ways of life, Dingley Falls shows the reality of life in front of a grotesque -but nevertheless realistic- backdrop of -well.. life, really.

It’s hard to explain where the fascination lies. The story is funny in places and sad in others. There are chapters where you read and want the action to proceed, but he knows better and takes twenty extra pages to explain what goes on in the various minds. The major players, the minor ones, and in some strange way, your own. In retrospect, I think those are the most delightful ones, even though I had to chew hard through the first 100 pages or so. Don’t worry. There’re fire hundred more waiting for you.

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  1. Ah another one, it was just the other day that I looked through your books before heading to the library. I picked up a Picoult and a Murakami…so Malone will just have to wait. :)