Amy oh Amy oh… F* it!

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ECNV00023 I was trying to write a post about Amy Winehouse by providing a transcript of one of her memorable announcements between the songs.  I mentioned earlier how I recently discovered her music. I now have my hands on the DVD with the recording of her 2007 Shepherds Bush Empire concert here in London, and all my suspicions have been confirmed:

Very talented writer and singer no doubt, but do not let her speak. I didn’t even manage to transcribe even a single one of her speeches, but it goes something like this:

Oh.. ah…. [pause] … ah… thank you thank you for coming out and ahem… [longer pause, ruffles hair] .. ahem… and for and for and for coming [ruffles hair] and … ahem … you know [drinks].. you know what I mean [turns away] .. [turns back to face audience] … oh fuckit. [drummer has mercy and takes it away].

Trust me, this is not even anywhere near the real thing. You’ve got to listen to her music. You’ve got to watch her live performances. And you’ve got to listen to her announcements just to remind yourself how it feels like being embarrassed on behalf of somebody else.

Oh Amy, fuckit.

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0 thoughts on “Amy oh Amy oh… F* it!

  1. UL, I can’t admit your argument in this case. Amy Winehouse is a stage performer; the problem with her speeches is that she can only speak ‘speak’ (I think ‘slang’ is out…?), and loses it every third word because she isn’t concentrating. Alcohol and harder drugs aren’t helping exactly.
    A real shame. She’s got a lot of talent and potential; unfortunately most of all the potential to completely burn herself out before the age of 25.

  2. Ah…so there are people out there who cannot speak in public and still be capable in other realms…:)

  3. Die Aerzte und Amy Winehouse sollten vielleicht kollaborieren – medizinische Versorgung mit Entzug von so Allerlei dat die Gute offensichtlich sowieso dringend noetig. Freut’ mich aber dass die die Musik gefaellt – da fuehl’ ich mich ja auf einmal wie am Puls der Zeit!

  4. Gestern kam auf MTV ein Amy Winehouse Konzert…naja, die Musik war echt toll, aber zwischen den Liedern hab ich dann doch lieber weggeschalten. Letzte Woche war ich auf einem Ärzte Konzert, da ists genau umgekehrt. Musikalisch nicht so der bringer, aber super Ansagen.